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I post often to Instagram. My handle there is Vintage_Bridge. As I work on the main website, fixing old posts and back end things here, you can go to Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr for daily posts of my pin up plus size outfit of the day, fashion accessories of the day, foodie stuff and tasty drinks, art events and art destinations, nature posts, and travel and tourist spots here in Boston or else what ere in the US--like my recent trips to San Francisco and New Orleans. Also I post pictures of cute things, like babies, dogs and my Honda Fit (hahaha).

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Bridget Eileen on Instagram @Vintage_Bridge
Bridget Eileen on Instagram @Vintage_Bridge

Bridget Eileen on Twitter @Vintage_Bridge
Bridget Eileen on Twitter @Vintage_Bridge

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Bridget Eileen on Tumblr @VintageBridgeStyle

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Bridget Eileen on Facebook /VintageBridgeStyle

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Bridget Eileen on Pinterest /VintageBridge