Accessories Ideas: Don't Throw Away that Broken Necklace! Make a New One from the Beads

handmade costume jewelry statement necklace with vintage amber color beads and pink matte beads

I LOVE My Handmade Amber and Pink Bead Necklace

I'm so proud of my handiwork with this piece. This is one of my most favorite necklaces that I've made. The amber colored beads were from a broken necklace that once belonged to my Aunt Betty. My grandmother and her sisters were really beautiful, fashionable ladies with funky styles. Most of my relatives like more understated jewelry, so I tend ot inherit the flashier pieces.

The pink beads were from a broken Family Dollar necklace. The gold beads were from a yard sale in Kennebunk that my friend who I was nannying for bought for me as a little present. All the previous necklaces had broken apart, so I combined them to this one. It's pretty, if I do say so myself. 

Why It Works as a Statement Necklace

Well, you can't beat handmade, one-of-kind jewelry for making a statement. The color combination is unique, too. I usually wear this with pink, brown and/or leopard print. It's very earth-tone based, since amber is a beautiful element and that pink is like the sunset.

Cheap Accessories Elements

The spacer beads were from a broken yard sale necklace that was a little gift from a friend. The pink beads were from a Family Dollar necklace. And the amber beads were a handmedown, so all told I spent $2 on the materials from this necklace. Can't beat that! (I mean, excluding labor, since that took a while to put together, but that's the beauty of making your own jewelry!)

Pin Up Accessories Styling Tips 

This pendant sits right in the middle of your neckline and if you're wearing a sexy, lower cut top, it accentuates your decollatage really beautifully. The amber beads are from a vintage 60s costume jewelry necklace, so there's that element to it.

Vintage Amber and Bright Pink Pendant Statement Necklace Details 

  • Gold-colored spacer beads - broken yard sale necklace
  • Pink oval plastic beads - Family Dollar necklace
  • Vintage amber colored costume jewelry beads - broken hand-me-down necklace
  • Wire, clasp and crimps - A C Moore

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