Chapeau de Chez Brigitte - How to Build a Fancy Hat Collection

Bridget Eileen's collection of fancy hats and fascinators

My Fancy Derby Hats and Fascinators Collection

In college, on Halloween weekend, friends and residents (I was an RA) would come knocking on my door in desperation. They had decided to get into the spirit and go to a costume party but had nothing to wear and the party was that night. 

"Could I just look through your closet for a costume?" they would ask. 

Just my regular closet, mind you. I didn't own a costume shop in my dorm room or anything. I just had a really eclectic wardrobe that they knew they could find inspiration from.

"How about if I wear a polo shirt, these ridiculously ugly maroon and navy checkered men's bell bottoms of yours, this scali cap and a carried a golf club and put wrinkles on my face -- I could go as an old man golfer?"

"Sure thing," I'd say. And sign them out on the Borrowed Clothes Sign-Out Sheet I'd created. 

"Can I borrow this boa, and this long skirt, and this scarf? I'm going to be a gypsy." 

"Sounds fun!" and onto the sign out sheet they'd go. 

So when my girlfriends from high school and I decided to go away on Derby weekend, of course it fell to me to gather all my fancy hats and fascinators so everyone had somethign to wear for the Derby. My own wardrobe comes in handy for all sorts of fancy dress. "These are just my clothes." Hahaha.

Where I Got My Fancy Hats - The Derby Hat and Fascinator Details (from back to front, right to left)

(See this fun Pin from Pinterest on types of hats:
  • Women's Red Felt Boater Hat - inherited from my great Aunt Betty, the most stylish hat collector, and a genuinely beautiful person inside and out. I miss her so much
  • Silver Sequined Butterfly Fascinator - from NOLA, was purchased from my Christmas stocking, because my mom still buys me Christmas stocking presents
  • Giant Rosette Leopard Print Headband - Good old Family Dollar, just $3
  • Pink Feather Fascinator - another NOLA purchase, this time for my birthday, from my mom
  • Brown Straw Sun Hat - Dollar Tree
  • White Dahlia Rosette - birthday present from friend in Maine
  • Leopard Print Felt Floppy Hat - I purchased this from a shop in the French Market in New Orleans one Mardi Gras weekend a while back. For the "OMG how is this your real life? You're a walking sitcom," story about the day I purchased the Leopard Print Felt Hat here.
  • Turquoise Paisley Bucket Hat - Vera Bradley, gift from friends in Maine
  • Purple Fascinator - I love love love this fascinator! My mom bought it for me, again in NOLA, for another birthday
  • Orange Women's Fedora with Blue Daisy - purchased in Edgartown Martha's Vineyard