Great Budget Friendly Light Blue Accesories Including Denim Mules

Accessories in Light Blue incldung denim mules, blue leopard print rosette, chiffon scarf and handmade necklace

Light Blue Vintage Accessories Featuring Denim Mules, Chiffon Scarf, and Costume Jewlery

All of these blue accessories have slight different shades of blue and often clashing accents colors (light pink on the bracelet, bright red on the choke.) But the blues are all of the same family (soft, pastel) so they work together well.

Vintage Blue Accessories Details

  • Bohemian Budget Denim Mules from Walmart, a long time ago
  • Blue scarf, worn as sash, from thrift store. 
  • Blue leopard print rosette from Family Dollar. 
  • Blue handmade costume bead choker necklace I made 
  • Blue bracelet is vintage, in as much costume jewelry from the 80s can be considered vintage. ;-)