How to Do a Simple, "Everyday Pinup" Pin Up Style Makeup Routine

Bridget Eileen plus size pin up in pretty pinup style makeup

My "Everyday Pin Up" Make Up Routine - The Simple Basics

Kiss kiss darling. A good pin up style make up day with some nice morning light calls for a silly selfie, don't you think? I like my lip color in this. It's like a natural light red. But believe me, I'm wearing lipstick. My lips disappear without it.

My 7-Minute Pin Up Style Make Up Routine

On a day to day basis I do not wear a ton of make up. I don't have the time or the need really. Pretty much everyday consists of these basics:

  • Natural moisturizer on face and neck (don't forget your neck!)
  • Let the moisturizer absorb into skin for about 5 minutes (usually I go get dressed)
  • Primer all over face
  • Dark red lip liner as eyebrow pencil (good tip for redheads!); I follow my regular eyebrow line. Make sure to go all the way out to the end of your brow, where the outer eye ends.
  • Eyebrow brush to blend in
  • Dust a big blush brush with Berry from Wet n Wild (it's a good blush!) and sweep along cheekbones
  • Off-white eye shadow under brow
  • Light brown all over lid
  • Dark brown in crease
  • Lip liner around lips
  • Fill with whatever color I feel like (usually dark raisin, but in this one I did a light red)
  • Blend lipstick and then blot lips
  • Liquid eyeliner starting from point on lash line that is just above the inner eye section of the iris
  • Sweep along lash line and increase width of liner at corners
  • Black mascara on top lashes