Ideas for Pin Up Style Outfit for Work: Ruffle Shirt, A-Line Skirt and Patterned Tights

Bridget Eileen in Pin Up Style Outfit for Work with purple ruffled sleeve shirt, a-line skirt and patterned tights

Pin Up Style Outfit for Work with Ruffle Sleeves, Patterned Tights and A-Line Skirt in Purple and Brown

This was a funky outfit to put together! I'm sorry the pic is blurry; I was (as usual) running late. But you can still see the pin up styling of this cute outfit for work and as it was such a unique styling, I decided to post about it anyway. Not only is this a really cute pinup outfit for work, it is almost exclusively from Old Navy. As I mentioned in a previous post, I worked there for several years and raided the clearance section during the half-off sales. Then I got to take another 20% off of that. Hmmm...I miss my discount. Nevertheless, I can still find good bargains there, with or without my employee discount.

Why It Works as a Vintage Outfit for Work

This is great for the early fall, when it's starting to get cool but we might experience multiple temperatures throughout the day. The patterened tights are covering and warming but still breathable if it does get hot. I had a brown cardigan to put over the ruffle shirt (not pictured, because I wanted to show off those cute sleeves.) The skirt is shorter but not too short and is perfect for early fall. This color palette is also a good fall one, since the colors you see at fall are purple and brown.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

No word of a lie: those tights were forty-eight cents! No kidding. Always go to the clearance section first, is my advice. See what they have there. Do it to start because that's when you'll have the most energy to dig around. Then go through the new shiny stuff at the store, if you still haven't found what you're looking for. The skirt was also an Old Navy clearance item.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

An A-Line skirt is always a great element to add a vintage flair to an outfit. That is a classic 60s cut. This skirt also has little pockets, which I appreciate. The ruffle sleeves have a retro flair. Both the skirt and shirt are size Large, so they're about a size 12-14.

Purple and Brown Pin Up Style Outfit for Work Details

  • Ruffle sleeve scoop neck purple shirt - Old Navy
  • Brown A-Line skirt - Old Navy
  • Purple patterned tights - Old Navy
  • Brown belt - Savers
  • Brown wooden bead necklace - hand me down from my Aunt Betty