Ideas for Wearing All Gold Color Vintage Style Accessories - Mix Costume, Brass and Solid Gold Jewelry

Vintage styles gold jewelry accessories

Vintage Style Gold Color Jewelry Accessories: Gold Vintage Bracelets, Costume Gold Pendant Necklace and Earrings from Kohls, and Gold and Brass Rings

This is the gold jewelry I wore with my black pencil skirt and red scoop neck shirt pin up style outfit for work. I like that gold has come back into fashion, but I hope it's not at the expense of silver because I have lots of great stuff in both shades of metal.

Mixing Retro Gold Cheap Costume and "Real Thing" Pretty Precious Metal Jewelry - Accessories Details

  • Pendant necklace - Kohl's, which I realized was too short when I got to work, so I added the 
  • Gold chain - handmedown from Mom -- to it, instead of wearing both regular, to make it hang long (instead of right in my decolletage!) 
  • Gold hoop earrings - gift from my brother and SIL's wedding
  • Bangles - hand-me-downs from my Nana 
  • Solid Gold Lattice ring - hand me down from my very stylish and glamorous Aunt Betty. 
  • Brass tarot card ring, of the High Priestess - the Arts Market on Frenchman Street in New Orleans. This is the only religious jewelry I wear daily. I consider it religious jewelry because I'm a neopagan.