Savvy Ways to Save Money on Retro Hairstyles: Trim Your Own Bettie Bangs

Bridget Eileen in her Bettie Bangs - tips on how to trim your own Bettie Bangs

DIY Bettie Bangs: How to Trim Your Own Bettie Bangs for a Pin Up Hairstyle Look

My hair grows phenomenally fast. For instance, I cut off 10" to do a Locks of Love donation 10 months ago, which made it fall just above my shoulders. Now it's already down to the middle of my back. Therefore, I had to teach myself how to trim my own Bettie Bangs because I didn't have the time to schedule a bangs trim at my old local salon, even if they were free. So, thanks to YouTube tutorials, I was able to figure out how to do it myself.

My Two Favorite YouTube "How to Cut Your Own Bettie Bangs" Tutorials

The Jane Dears

If I'm in the mood, and I have a great deal of time, I tend to go with the tips on this video from the "Jane Dears."

They're very very particular and thorough. And I especially like the layers tip, where you pin back layers at a time and trim each one from forehead and back I keep the very first layer a bit shorter, which helps with keeping the hair curled under even if I don't have time to use a curling iron.

The Cherry Dollface

For a really quick trim, because I don't have much time to get my bangs trimmed, usually before a vacation, I go with Cherry Dollface's super quick Bettie Bangs tutorial. 

Also, I just really like Cherry Dollface as a person. She's sweet, inclusive, and seems to care a lot about her followers. 

And remember, if you screw up, as Alice Walker says, "Hair is God's most natural toy." Bettie bangs don't have to be perfect; that what curling irons and hair spray is for. 

More Ideas on How to Style Bettie Bangs

I have lots of cool retro hair style pics on my Pinterest Board "Bettie Bangs 'n Style Stuff Like That." I have amassed quite the collection of Pinspiration for retro hairstyles on that board! Good luck going down that super fun click-hole.