Sure-Fire Ways to Pass the Time During a Blizzard: Practice Creating an Sexy Pin Up Style Make Up Look

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up in Pigtails and Lots of Make Up Thanks to the Blizzard

Fun Stuff to Do While Shut-In from a Blizzard in Boston: Playing with Hair and Make Up for a "Pin Up in Pig Tails" Look

All dressed up and no where to go. This is what happens when your city has a 100 year type winter. Before I got to escape to New Orleans in the middle of it all, I killed some relentless homebound time by putting on a gabillion layers of make-up and wearing my super fun flapper art deco 20s style elastic headband. Then took selfies, like a bored housebound blizzard victim. 

Why It Works as a Pin Up Style Make Up Look

On a typical day, i don't wear any eye liner on my bottom lash line. In this photo I have black liner on the bottom lid and then blended. I also am wearing bright purple eye shadow, instead of my usual neutral brown and pink that I wear day-to-day. I laos did a very precise lip line, which I was sure to make a duckface to accentuate. And I used contouring on my jawline and under cheekbones, instead of my usual simple blush on my apples of my cheeks.

Sexy PinUp Style Elements

Oo la la, pigtails! How cute! The bright red lipstick and lip piner is also pretty darn sexy-cute. And the heavier eye liner.