Tricks to Zazz Up Neutral Color Outfits: Add a Funky Print Scarf

Bridget Eileen Plus Siz Pin Up Wearing Black Maxi Dress, Brown Cardifan and Flufffy Funky Leopard Print Scarf

Black Tea-Length Dress, Brown Cardigan and Fluffy Funky Leopard Print Scarf for a Cute Wintertime Pin Up Style Outfit for Work

Have you ever been in a choir? I used to sing in a women's choir in college. I miss it a lot. I want to get back to my hobby of singing. I was a music major at the start of college. Then music and I agreed we were just really good friends, not life-long partners. And that's when poetry and writing moved in. As you can see, that was the best fit for me. I declared myself a English major just over twenty years ago, and I do not regret that choice for a second, despite the hard wrap it gets on major weekly public radio variety shows.

All of this is just to say that the tea-length dress I'm wearing in this outfit selfie is what I wore for my choir performances back in college.

Why It Works as a Plus Size Vintage Style Winter Time Outfit for Work

Covered up, head to two, for the nasty weather! It's also really comfortable and stylish. I have on tights underneath. If you're like me and you don't always throw away the bad tights even witha run in them, I understand. I used those for when I'm only looking for insulation while wearing a long dress and high boots. That way, no one sees the run in the stockings. The leopard print is just the right element to add a pin-up flair to what would otherwise be a very low-key (aka boring) outfit.

Cheap Pin- Up Fashion Elements

The poufy scarf is from H&M and was only $5. My black boots are from Payless and were only $20, on clearance.

Easy Pin Up Style Hairdos for the Week

I did "mild" VictoryRolls for hair, where you don't make the dramatic pouf with the side twists, just kind of pull up the sides and push them out a little bit. It's a really simple but cute pin up style hairdo for the work week. 

Neutral Color Outfit for Work with Poufy Leopard Print Skirt Pin Up Style Plus Size Outfit Details

  • Tea length sleeveless black dress - gift from Mom. Think it's from Sears in 1998
  • Brown 3/4 sleeve cardigan - Marshalls
  • Leopard Print Scarf - H&M
  • Black Ugg-A-Bee (wannabe Uggs, hahaha) - Payless