Unexpected Color Combinations That Will Pep Up Your Plus Size Outfit for Work, Using Separates in Pastel, Bright, and Neutrals

Brights mixed with neutrals, plus size pin up style outfit for work

Coral, Golden, Grey and Navy: Mixing Neutral, Pastel, and Bright Plus Size Separate for a Vintage Style Outfit for Work

I bought the coral jacket and the coral wooden beads at two difference store, but weirdly enough they match perfectly. I add those two pieces as accessories to lots of outfits as a result. I liked playing with pastel, primary and neutral colors to create this outfit. In a way, I'm playing with the three primary colors of yellow, red and blue. However, it's a pastel red in coral, a bright yellow in golden and a neutral blue in navy. The neutral brown-grey skirt keeps the chaos at bay. 

Why It Works as Pin Up Workwear Separates

My navy polka dot headband is a very vintage style hair accessories that is is also very cute. As a neutral, it goes with almost anything. You cannot see in this photo but I have on patterned navy tights that go with them. My a-line skirt with high waist is also a pinup style element.

Cheap Vintage Style Fashion Elements

Everything was a clearance item! The beaded necklace and the a-line skirt are from Old Navy. The sleeveless shirt and cropped jacket are from Target. The headband is from CVS. I don't remember where the tights are from.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

This is a comfortable outfit. I love wearing skirts like this because it's comfortable standing up and sitting down. The high waist is flattering for curvy a figure. And this is a good spring outfit, because it is breathable but covering, adapting to all the weather that might happen on a spring day in New England.

Plus Size Work Wear Separates Using Primary Colors in Different Shades Pinup Style Outfit Details

  • Navy polkadot headband - CVS
  • Coral wooden bead necklace - Old Navy
  • Coral cropped jacket - Target
  • Yellow sleeveless blouse - Target
  • A-line brown-grey skirt - Old Navy