Wearing My Sunglasses Inside - Not Because I'm Cool but Because I'm a Klutz

60s Modstyle Sunglasses Accessories of the Day from Dollar Tree

I'm sporting the Peggy Olson look at work. I have bumped my head 3 times this week, because I'm a terrible klutz, so the only way to keep the headache at bay is to wear these cute sunglasses inside, so the light doesn't bother me. The sunglasses are from trusty old Dollar Tree.

"Emergency Clothes" at Work

This is my striped blue "work sweater" cardigan, one of two that I always have at work in case it's too cold. The other is black. I also have two emergency work blazers and one emergency work scarf, in case I need to look fancy in a hurry/have spilt something on my shirt.