To Purchase: This Amazing Tote Bag from My Body Does, as Designed by Maeve Norton (my talented cousin!)

My Body Does - Body Positive Pro Diversity Tote Bag

Celebrate and Honor Your Already-Beach-Ready Body with The Fantastic "Don't Worry * Beach Happy" Tote Bag from My Body Does, Illustrated by Maeve Norton

Usually I only post my own things here, but I want to take a moment on this here body-positive, plus size pinup style blog to let you know about My Body Does and their new tote bag "Don't Worry Beach Happy" to promote diversity and body positivity, featuring an adorable yet wonderfully subversive illustration of a diverse group of beach goers. The illustration was done by my incredibly talented cousin, Maeve Norton.

You know those maddening ads that always talk about your "beach body" versus what you have right now? As if one must be a size 2 in order to wear a bikini or be happy at that beach? Those suck. My Body Does and this particular tote bag are a way to say "stop being so silly, you dumb advertisements -- we're perfectly ready for the beach as we are, thank you very much."

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