It's So Cold, I Resemble a Boo-Bah Creature from That PBS Show

Leopard Print Scarf and Thick Irish Knit Cardigan
Staying Stylish...ish in Winter

Layers Layers Layers in the Cold: Part Pin Up, Part PBS's Boo-Bah During Frigid February

Sure, I'll post up various pictures of myself when I deign to leave the house in bleak February. But the truth is, for the majority of February, I'm in 17 layers of clothing and look like a Boo-Bah, from PBS's trippy show for toddlers.

boo bah from pbs
What even are these things?
Just thought I'd pull back the curtain and reveal the real Oz of February. Like my little nod to pin up with my poofy leopard print scarf? It's from H and M, it's so soft, and I spray it with nice body spray and dab it with lovely body oils so it smells delicious as I huddle into and read, type, or watch TV while trying to keep the heating bill reasonable but also stay warm at home.

My gorgeous Irish knit sweater was my nana's (though she was Scottish), a gift from my aunt Mary, whose side of the family is from Galway (as in her mom, Nora, still has a brogue). I wear that sweater almost everyday. I need to find a YouTube video on how to repair a knit sweater. That handy and gorgeous thing is well loved by me. Elbow hole, cuff unraveling. Yikes. But it's so toasty.

Anyway: stay warm, friends in the ungodly cold area of the world!