Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all! My Purple, Green and Yellow Plus Size Pin Up Outfit for Work PSOOTD

Mardi Gras Purple Green and Yellow outfit Plus Size OOTD

My Purple, Green and Yellow Plus Size Pinup Style Outfit for Work for Mardi Gras Holiday Outfit Today

Well, here I am in plain old Boston, with no Mardi Gras things to do, but I'm not letting that get me too down, I dug out my cutest Mardi Gras throws and found purple, green and yellow outfit and accessories pieces to celebrate the spirit of the day.

Why It Works as a Pin Up Outfit for Work

It's a standard skirt, shirt and cardigan outfit but I spruced it up with my choice of Mardi Gras colors and accessories.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

You know I love my cardigans and thick belts, which always helps with adding a pinup or retro fashion flair! The belt was $5 at H&M. The cardigan was $9 at Old Navy. And the hair band and rosettes also add pin up flair and are from Family Dollar.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

All of these pieces are cotton spandex stretch and as a result, really comfy. By having well-fitting pieces that stretch and cover, it's a good plus size outfit for work.

Mardi Gras Plus Size Pin Up Outfit for Work Details

  • Long sleeve shirt, cardigan, cloth pencil skirt and grey tights (not shown) - Old Navy
  • Gold Buckle Black Thick belt - H&M
  • Headband and rosette - Family Dollar
  • Mardi Gras Necklaces - Various Mardi Gras parade throws in New Orleans