Accessories Ideas: Brown Color Palette Featuring Wooden Jewelry Pieces

ideas for brown accessories - wooden bangle bracelet and wooden beads necklace wth brown chandelier earrings

Ideas for Brown Color Accessories: Mix Wooden and Costume Jewelry Pieces

I love wooden jewelry. I have a few wooden bead necklace and I like this bangle, too. It's a pretty, natural element to add to an outfit and accessories and often the pieces aren't particularly expensive.

Why It Works as a Brown-Tone Accessories Palette 

I love mixing elements of jewelry pieces. I have the wooden bead necklace and the wooden bangle bracelet, then costume jewelry brown chandelier earrings. Since everything is in the same color tone, the mix of elements (wood and plastic) works well and add a little bit of surprise to things.

Cheap Vintage Style Accessories Elements

Wood is a pretty afford material for jewelry and pretty timeless. It always seems to be "trendy" or at least "classic." The necklace was from a thrift store, near my college, at the Bangor Goodwill. The bracelet was from a wood store in Edgartown (that has since closed, sadly). The earring I think were a graduation gift a long time ago for graduation or birthday, back in high school.

Boho Chic Accessories Styling Tips

Wood is definite Bohemian Style material. I favor pin-up style but I also love boho chic, and though it may seem a bit of a clash, I would say my style is more Boho Pinup Hybrid than straight Pinup.

Brown-Tone Color Palette Vintage Accessories Details

  • Chunky Wooden Bead Necklace -Thrift Store
  • Thick Wooden Bangle Bracelet - wood shop in Martha's Vineyard (now defunct)
  • Chandelier earring with brown beads - gift