Eye-Catching Plus Size Leopard Print Wiggle Dress - Just Wear It

leopard print wiggle dress styled for bbw plus size pin up style body

My Plus Size Pinup Style Leopard Print Bodycon Wiggle Dress from SammyDress.com

I love this wiggledress. I got it from SammyDress.com It's comfy, flattering and wildly fun. I love this type of flattering ambient mirror lighting, too. Good times!

Why It Works as a Sexy Pin Up Plus Size Outfit

You cannot get more pin up than a body contouring tight wiggle dress. Actually, you can if it's made with leopard print. 

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

Since leopard print is a neutral print, I can--and have--accessorized it all different ways. This one is just a black belt from Full Blossom Chic thrift store in New Orleans, a vintage necklace that belonged it my Aunt Betty, and lots of fun make up. 

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

A lot of styling tips for plus size women will be about masking so-called flaws. And I fall into that mindset sometimes, too. But the truth is, you don't need to hide a tummy if you have a tummy. And you don't have to feel bad about having it, either. The way to "pull off" this look of wearing a tight, body contouring dress while being a curvy, plus size woman, is to wear it and feel happy and like how you look in it. Then you will pull off that look. Because that's what makes an outfit work best: that you like how you look in it. 

And a bonus is that a lot of other people appreciate and even well-admire that aesthetic. There are a lot of plus size models out there that wear this look so well. For other examples of plus size wiggle dress styling besides mine, see Laura Lee J. She looks fantastic in all her bodycon dresses.

Bohemian Budget Outfit Details

  • Leopard print bodycon Plus Size Pin Up Wiggle Dress - SammyDress.com, $15
  • Thick black belt - thrift store, $10
  • Red bead necklace - vintage, hand-me-down
  • Silver and gold watch - Target, $10