How to Do Pinup Makeup with Victory Rolls and Pinup Hair in Purple with Victory Rolls

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up in Victory Rolls and Pin Up Makeup in Purple

Pin Up Hair with "Mild" Victory Rolls and Pin Up Makeup with Purple Eyeshadow and Juicy Lips

You see this picture on Vintage Bridge a lot because I chose it as my profile picture. Sometimes the make up gods are delighted with you and letting you do great things. I had pretty purple eyeshadow in different shades on my lids and crease and a nice highlighting white. Plus lots of lippy stuff so I get Kylie Jenner lips without sucking on a glass, like a strange teenage moron

Pin Up Style Make Up for Accentuating Lips to Look Really Full

The trick dears, is first to cover your entire lip with cover up and blot. Next put light highlitghter just above your cupid's bow and just below the center of your bottom lip. Blot and blend in very well. Next use a very sharp lip liner just on the outside of your lip line, then fill it in. Finally, cover with lipstick and blot. Add a bit of gloss and blot again. 

How to Do "Mild" Victory Rolls

"Mild Victory" rolls are what I call it when you pull up the sides of your hair and pouf them out a little bit but not as dramatically as full-on Victory Rolls. They're a bit easier to do and a little more casual of a look. It's easy to do with small hair clips AKA mini jaw hair clip, which I have been able to find at dollar stores.