"Obligatory Cat Themed Clothes on Bookish Person" Plus Size Poet Pinup Outfit ;-)

Bridget Elieen Plus Size Pin Up Poet in Obligatory Cat Theme Clothes on Bookish Person

Pin-Up Style Cat-Themed Clothes, Standard for All Bookish People 

It is a truth unversally acknolwedged that a bookish person must own cat-themed clothings. As you may know, I am a poet, in addition to doing this plus size pin up style blogging fun. As such, having tons of books, writing poetry and loving Jane Austen, I must, therefore, own cat-themed clothing. Ha ha ha. And I do! This adorable tunic! I love the colors: turquoise, fuchsia, pink, white, tan and black. What doesn't go with this little tunic? Plus, all bookish people must own cat themed clothes -- it's standard issue.

Why It Works as a Vintage Style Outfit for Work

I work with books and it has cats on it. Duh. Just kidding. The tunic with leggings is very professional. The thick belt in the middle gives a pin up silhouette instead of a boxier look. Ballet flats and cardigan are also work appropriate and have a little bit of bling. 

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

The dress is from Target clearnace back in 2009. Someone from Project Runway had the same tunic and wore it in the flashback post-episode interviews that they infuse in the editing. I was like, "Really? Samesies!" Anyway, the tunic I think was around $8. The leggings are from Old Navy, $10. Same with the flats. The belt was from a thrift store in New Orleans that served plus sizes and is sadly closed. The cardigan was a gift from my old roomie and longtime friend, The Inspired Momma. (Shout out!)

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

This tunic could look very boxy without a thick belt in the middle to help enhance my hourglass silhouette. So, as with most outfits that go from flowy or boxy to curvy, I added the belt in the middle.

Cat Themed Outfit Details

  • Tunic - Target
  • Cardigan - gift
  • Leggings - Old Navy
  • Ballet flats - Old Navy
  • Belt - Nola thrift store
  • Polka Dot Headband - Family Dollar