Accessories of the Day in my Favorite Color: Fuchsia

fuchsia accessories including a handmade necklace

Ideas for Accessories of the Day: Fuchsia Palette

This color is my favorite! A mix of purple and pink--how can you go wrong?

Fuchsia Rose Hair Rosette

The hair rosette is from Family Dollar. This thing with this one is that it doesn't sit on my head well. It kind of pops out, in a funny way. So what I do when I wear it is just tuck itinto the corner of the elastic of a braid, bun or ponyail

Handmade Circle Bead Necklace

This is a necklace I made myself. I picked all of my top favorite colors: fuchsia, purple, bright pink, orange and turquoise. I used clamping beads to "suspend" the beads on the wire necklace. This one took a while to make, but is, of course, one of my favorite.