Ideas for Styling a Wiggle Dress at Work: Leopard Print BodyCon Dress with Duster Cardigan

leopard print wiggle dres and long duster cardigan in grey or a woggle dress at work look

How I Wear My Leopard Print Wiggle Dress for a Work Day

Depending on how you style a piece of clothing, it can be merely a pretty dress for work, or a knockout number for a night out. That is the case with my versatile lovely leopard print wiggle dress. For this outfit, I was able to pair it up with piece that brought out the cuteness and not as much of the va va voom-y-ness, which is the sort of thing you want to do for work at a traditional workplace environment.

Why It Works as a Vintage Workwear Outfit

Leopard print is a print that can be thought of as a "neutral" but it is definitely a vintage-style print. By wearing it with another neutral, the long grey duster cardigan, I have balanced the form-fitting dress with a flowy long sweater to keep the happy mix of fashionable but work-friendly.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

The wiggle dress is from and was around $15, I think. The belt is from Savers Thrift store and was around $5. The necklace is vintage, and was a hand-me-down from my Aunt Betty.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

Women who are plus size sometimes hesitate to wear form-fitting clothes. I can understand this desire to wear bulkier things, but if you do not like doing that, if you "wish" you could wear tighter things but don't think you can because of your size, it's really important that you look right into my happy face up there in that picture and know that I am a size 14, 16, or 18 depending on the clothing company, and I love wearing that dress so very very much. 

Yes, I have a belly, or as I like to call it, and extremely friendly home for my chocolate chip cookie obsession. But I also have a cholesterol level that people dream of, good blood pressure, and really beautiful skin. (Thanks, vegetarianism!) So don't let anyone talk to you about health and weight because they're not synonomous. So even though I have a belly, I will not let that proclube me from wearing form-fitting clothes, including this wiggle dress. Because I love that dress, I love how I look in that dress, and I love how pretty I feel in that dress. And really, honestly, truly--those feelings about what you're wearing are almost always going to make you look really good in that outfit. And while "good" is a subjective term, feeling good is the point, and I feel good in that dress.

So my styling tip for a look like this is to do it, with aplomb, unapologetically, if that is your desire. 

If you want to see a "sexy" styling for this plus size bodycon wiggle dress, go to

Bohemian Budget Plus Size Wiggle Dress Leopard Print Outfit for Work Details

Leopard Print BodyCon Dress - - $15
Long Grey Cardigan Duster Sweater - H and M - $5
Wide Red Belt - Savers Thrift Store - $5
Red Cloth Headband - Dollar Tree - 3 for $1
Black Sheer Tights - Dollar Tree - $1
Black Ankle Boots - Target - $20