The Art of Channeling Your Inner Venus: My Beloved Plus Size Pin Up Wiggle Dress

Bridget Eileen plus size pin up in sexy bbw wiggle dress

How to Wear a Plus Size Pinup Style Wiggle Dress

Boldly. Just do it. That's how. Maybe not to work, though. Ha. Well, let me amend that -- I guess it depends on your workplace. 

This dress was once a former roommate's. She put it in the donate bin and I usurped it. "It didn't look like that on me," she said. I wear it a bit differently than she did though.

I love how it matches my hair. The purple belt is from a thrift store. This is, by far, my most flattering dress. I wish I had a bunch more in all different colors. 

Why It Works as a Sexy Pin Up Plus Size Outfit

It's not the most comfortable thing, but to get my cleavage to look like that, I wear a padded bra that is much smaller in cup size than my actual size. I'm anywhere between a DDD-J and this is a D cup. My cup runneth over. Tee hee. 

I do not recommend this for daily life, it's just for when you're channeling your inner sex goddess and playing up the curvy hourglass Jessica Rabbit redhead kind of bbw angle of sexy dressing. For those such occasions, "suffering" a little with a too small bra can be fun. Otherwise, seek out the best fitting, sturdiest correct size bra you can afford. Life is much happier that way!

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements

Free is as a cheap as you can get, no? Ha! The belt was also a cheap fashion element; from Boomerangs Thriftstore in West Roxbury.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

I always love putting a belt in the middle. It acts a bit like a corset and helps, when wearing a wiggle dress especially, to accentuate an hourglass shape. Some things to be wary of: when you have a belly a wiggle dress or pencil skirt is tight around it. Own it. Screw everyone who would "judge" that. Not only is it "fine" -- honestly it's an appealing aesthetic to a lot of people, despite the messages from the mainstream world that it isn't. And if YOU'RE okay with how you look, then it's also good to embrace those who also like how you look. And be a role model to others who would like to also express their inner-sex goddess and celebrate their body type, regardless of/in spite of/in the face of those who would object based on questionable norms. 

I'm getting a little preachy here, but that's because I think it's important. No one is "perfect"; it doesn't exist. What carries you when you wear whatever is that you're happy in it and like how it makes you feel; lumps, bumps and whatever other pecadilloes. 

Sex Goddess Wiggle Dress Plus Size Pin Up Style Outfit Details

  • Orange sweetheart top wiggle dress - Macy's, I think? But I got it for free from an old roommate
  • Purple belt - Boomerangs
  • Too-Small D-cup Padded Bra - Target