The Foolproof, Simple Formula for Pepping Up a Basic Pencil Skirt

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up Style Blogger basic black pencil skirt with red accents and blouse plussize separates for work

How I Paired Functional and Fun Plus Size Work Separates to Create a Pretty, Plus Size Black and Red Outfit for Work

I tucked a billowy peasant blouse in purple, red and pink shades into a basic black pencil skirt and added red accessories, then put my hair in a a low bun slightly to the right. I like how this pretty little outfit has a sort of flamenco look

Why It Works as a Pin Up Workwear Plus Size Outfit

Well, there's nothing more professional and functional than a basic black, knee-length pencil skirt. However, its simplicity is its intrinsic beauty (ha ha) for with it, you have endless options for creativity within your wardrobe. I have two black pencil skirts like this, plus two grey ones and a black and white striped one. I can't recommend them enough for their comfort and their versatility.

With basic pieces like this, building a cute outfit is so much easier than it seems. For those of you who like math, here's the simple formula
Just Above or At Knee-Length Pencil Skirt +  
Stockings/ Leggings/ Nothing (in summer) +  
Fun Top* +  
Belt & Necklace (Coordinating or Contrasting w/Top)** + 
Sensible but Cute Heel/Ballet Flats =  
One Great Outfit of the Day for Work #ootd VOILA!
 * Add cardigan in cold weather
**Add earrings and bracelets for extra bling

Bohemian Budget Basic Black Pencil Skirt with Pretty Peppy Red Separates for Work Details

  • Blouse - Target Clearance, $8
  • Pencil skirt - No Fleas Market, Thrift Store in New Orleans, $10
  • Red Thick Patent Leather and Stretch Belt - savers, $5
  • Red Wooden Beaded Necklace - handmade by me, beads from the craft store
  • Stockings - Walgreens, $8