The Magical Cotton Stretch Wrap Dress: A Shocking Way to Look Great at Work but Feel as Comfortable as If You're Wearing Pajamas

Bridget Eileen Plus Size Pin Up Style Outfit for Work in Comfortable Red Wrap Dress Flattering for BBW and women of all shapes

How to Create a Comfortable Outfit for Work Featuring a Wrap Dress in Red with Circle Patterns and Black Tank and Tights - Flattering Style for for All Shapes, Including Plus Size 

Those of us converts know the dirty little secret. Here I am broadcasting it out to you now. Take this information as you will...

Wearing a wrap dress with leggings or tights is as comfortable as wearing pajamas, except you look quite fancy (as opposed to socially questionable). 

If everyone knew how comfy these separates were, forget about the Romphim, there'd be wrap...what? tunics? for the masculine-dressing humans in all the stores. As it is, those of us who choose to dress in feminine styles are the ones lucky enough to have these at hand in our wardrobes.

Why It Works as Super Comfy Plus Size Vintage Style Workwear

The other thing about wrap dresses is how they're flattering for every shape. The waist line is in the middle and you can adjust the size to be bigger or smaller thanks to the way they're made. So here I am wearing a Size L wrap dress, with a tank underneath and black stockings. 

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements 

The wraps dress is from Old Nacy and was on clearance at $7.99. I wish I could go back in time and buy one in each color, because it really is one of my favorites. It's also really easy to pack! The zebra print ballet flats are from Target for $10.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

With the tank top underneath, this is a nice outfit for work. Conversely, I could change this to be even more pin-up style and sexy, as opposed to flattering and covered up, by not wearing a tank underneath and show more of my neckline.

I wore curlers to bed the night before, which is why I have such cute bouncy, voluminous hair. See upcoming post on this...

Red Wrap Dress Super Comfy Outfit for Work Details

  • Red Wrap Dress - Old Navy $8
  • Black stockings - walgreens $5
  • Black tank top - Old Navy 50 cents
  • Zebra print baller flats - $10