Why Wearing Mixed Animal Prints Makes Sense (Especially If You're Going to the Zoo...): My Plus Size Pin Up Style Mixed Print Outfit Featuring Zebra Shoes and Leopard Leggings

Leopard Print, Zebra Print and Gingham Mixed Print Pin Up Style Plus Size BBW Outfit for the Zoo

Aren't I So Cute with My Leopard Print Leggings and Zebra Print Ballet Flats (Among Other Mixed Print Pin Up Style Outfit Elements) for a Trip to the Aububon Zoo in New Orleans?

Have you ever been to the Audubon Zoo located in New Orleans's Garden District? It's a great zoo, and part of a series of Audubon Nature Institues: Audubon Park, the Insectarium, and the Aquarium. I've not been to the Aquarium, but everywhere else is really fun.

Why It Works as a Sexy Pin Up Plus Size Outfit for the Zoo 

I got all meta and wore leopard print leggings and zebra print ballet flats. This outfit was comfy for walking around the bright and sunny zoo and looked really cute.

Cheap Pin Up Fashion Elements 

Everything is from Old Navy and Target, except for the belt, which is from a thrift store in New Orleans (that is now closed).

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

This outfit is so cute, eh? The baby doll dress with low neckline is very flattering for hourglass figure. I get a lot of compliments in this outfit. The animal print also adds pinup style to the outfit, and I like how I'm wearing that to the zoo, to be cheeky.

Cute and Sexy Plus Size Pin Up Style New Orleans Zoo Outfit Details 

  • Baby doll dress - Old Navy
  • Purple Camisole - Old Navy
  • Purple Cardigan - Target
  • Black Belt - thrift store
  • Necklace - gift
  • Purple Rosette - Family Dollar
  • Cloth Headband - CVS
  • Leopard Print Leggings - Target 
  • Zebra Print Ballet Flats - Target