YELLOW! Clever Ways to Spruce Up a Neutral Print Dress: Black and White Plaid Mod Style Dress with Yellow Accents

pretty white and black mod style plaid print dress with yellow accents for a bright curvy woman bbw cute outfit of the day

Brighten Up a Thrift Store White and Black Plaid Mod Dress with Yellow Accents 

OMG I love this outfit. I just love it. So cute and bright and peppy and yellow and happy. And I'm wearing my hair down! A rare occurrence for a work day. I bought this fantastic dress as Savers Thrift Store for $8. Love the pockets and buttons. Though it's dangerous for a person as clumsy as me to buy white or off-white or even light pink or yellow anything. I went for it anyway becasue this dress is just too cute. When it comes to a neutral colored dress like this, the possibilities are endless for styling it. I went with bright yellow in this case.

Why It Works as a Pin Up Workwear Plus Size Outfit

This was a great pick for a late spring day when it starts to get hot but can be cooler in the morning or evening. I wore it with tights to keep it professional, instead of just bare legs, considering the length. Bright yellow with red hair is always a good idea, for those of you redheads out there. It's one of my power colors. The compliment of "hot" colors really works well.

Cheap Vintage Style Fashion Elements 

So many bargains here! As I mentioned, the dress was from the thrift store. The belt was a clearance price item, that I bought during the clearance sale event at Old Navy, when I worked there. So it was $2.47 plus hallf off that plus 20% off that. So, ninety-eight cents. For reall. Riiiiight? I really miss my Old Navy discount sometimes. The cropped soft cloth blazer was on clearance at Target, I think for $8.

Plus Size Pin Up Styling Tips

The dress is really comfortable because it's stretchy. But also so cute because of the length and mod style cut. I like how I can show off my legs in it. Normally I like to add a belt because it helps define my waist, but there have been times when I even wear this without my signature high waist belt.

Bohemian Budget Thift Store Mod Style Dress with Yellow Accents Details

  • White and black plaid dress - Savers $8
  • Cropped blazer - Target $8
  • Flower belt - Old Navy $0.98
  • Vintage wooden bead necklace - hand-me-down
  • Yellow Bakelite bracelet - handmedown
  • Stockings - Walgreens, $6
  • Black flats with silver beading - Old Navy $10