Vintage Bridge Style an age, sex and body positive fashion blog from Bridget Eileen, Political Pagan Plus-Size Pinup Poet

Bridget Eileen: Bio

Bridget Eileen is a Pagan Plus-Size Pinup Poet who lives in Providence. She grew up in the Boston area. She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in the great state of Maine. She is a poet, and also writes journals, picture books and blogs.

She runs a fashion blog called Vintage Bridge Style: Retro Fashion on a Bohemian Budget. It's an age, sex, and body positive, plus-size, pin-up and vintage style website that provides people with inspiring ideas for outfits, accessories, and makeup on a budget.

Her online arts and culture notebook is available at, where she writes about her interests in many aspect of art and culture, including theater, music, organization, journaling, food, travel, books and--of course--poetry

Her poetry has recently been published in Stone's Throw, Hineni MagazineLet the Bucket Down, Reality Beach, Summer Stock Lit Journal, and Anti-Heroin Chic. Her work has also been published in Reflections, The Maine Review, The Ornery Hipster, Vividarium, The Accompaniest, Stonecoast Lines, and Newport Life Magazine. She has covered arts and cultural events for The Maine Campus, The Loop and The Malden Muse. She has been main editor and writer for numerous educational newsletters at various academic institutions in New England.

She is an organizer of the long-standing Boston-area poetry festival, the Boston Poetry Marathon ( She's done poetry readings in Boston (Eastie and JP), Brooklyn, Cambridge, Gloucester, Maine, Manhattan, and New Orleans.

Her social and biological nieces and nephews call her Auntie Boo-Boo and that's awesome. Her role model in life is Maude, of Harold and Maude.