The Beginning

Bridget Eileen plus size pinup pagan poet in Providence

How Vintage Bridge Began 

a plus size pin up bargain hunter blog

DIY adventures in artsy, pinup, foodie, travel, nature and style stuff, from Bridget Eileen

Every day I try to make a stylish statement. It comes fairly easily to me, plus I find embracing body positive, sex positive femininity to be thrillingly empowering. The stories my life and style adventures can tell are fun to share, as well.

However, I have to do all this on what I call a "Bohemian Budget." Being a Poet-Style Blogger isn't a lucrative endeavor, so I've developed a keen eye for the good deal.

After years of casually sharing my flair for retro style, I decided it might be worth it to make an official site for all my DIY style adventures in: everyday pinup style, sexy plus size outfits and plus size outfits for work, vintage things, pin up makeup and hair styling, foodie stuff, boho budget home decor, gardening, nature, travel, and the arts -- and share my bohemian approach with the world in a formal capacity.

So! Welcome to Vintage Bridge, the style site for me, Bridget Eileen.